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As of 10 July 2023
Permanent Bookings
  • $148 per day
  • $700 per week full time ($140 daily, 5 day week)

Occasional Care
  • Casual: $194 per day

Special Sibling Discounts
Sibling discounts are $2/day per child in care (eg. family of 3 children receive a total $6 discount a day).

Please note that sibling discounts do not apply to full time fees (which are already discounted).

Security Deposit
A Security Deposit is payable to secure a booking. The deposit is equal to 2 weeks full fees and is payable by cash or direct debit. Once the booking has commenced the deposit becomes a credit on your account with us. If the booking does not commence, the security deposit is non-refundable. The Centre also charges a non refundable enrolment fee of $30 (GST inclusive). Enrolment fee includes the fee for direct debit set up, 1 wet bag and 1 hat.

Child Care Subsidy

CCS Info

How to claim CCS

Bookings / Parent Liaison:

Please be aware that Smartie Pants Early Learning and Development periodically reviews its fees in line with incremental cost increases to its business, such as increases to payroll, food etc. In the event that we do increase our fees, the reasons for these increases will be explained and adequate notice of at least 4 weeks provided.
What is LIFT?

Lift is a simple online service for early childhood professionals to safely and securely document child learning and lesson planning.

LIFT is a product of Raise Learning and designed by a team of experienced Early Childhood professionals.

What is so amazing about LIFT is that it is completely collaborative; where teachers, children and families can work together online. LIFT is also compatible with most smart phone browsers, which teachers and families can use to quickly upload or view information.

With the introduction of the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which now includes a focus on digital learning, the use of digital media and collaboration with families, LIFT makes management of many of these new tasks simple.

Benefits of LIFT
  • Your information is completely secure, stored and accessed via a password protected SSL secure environment (the same level as security provided with online banking)
  • Families can view and comment on observations taken of their child/children
  • Families can share their own observations of learning from home
  • Families can view and comment on the latest programs on offer for their child
  • Families can provide feedback and share ideas on their child's overall assessments

LIFT allows families to log online and be a part of their child's learning and development. You can add observations of what you child is achieving at home, document their likes and dislikes, recommend activities that you would like to see your child doing and upload photos of your child achieving mile stones in their development.

Registration & Access

To be linked to your child's records you must first initially register with LIFT online and then fill out the following form and return to your child's room leader for processing. Smartie Pants will then manually approve and link access of each family's registration to their child/children. Families can register at Raise Learning for access to their child's/children's records on LIFT by clicking 'About LIFT'. Access to LIFT will only be granted after completion of the attached permission form. You can grant any number of family members (grand parents, aunties & uncles etc.) access to your child's records, but each person must have an approved access form before they will be linked to your child. Please note that Smartie Pants cannot accept verbal agreements. As a user of LIFT you agree to and accept to abide with LIFT's terms of use, security and privacy policies which can be accessed at www.raiselearning.com.au/pages/support.

How to Open Your Child Record/s

After you have registered and completed the necessary documentation you can login using the link at the top of the page. If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it using the Forgotten your password? form on the support page of LIFT.

Smartie Pants is using Qik Kids My Family Portal to manage family bookings.

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