• Our Vision
  • Our Philosophy

To foster ‘world ready’ children who are confident, creative, curious, independent, healthy and care deeply for others and the future of our planet.

For our children we aspire
  • that children feel relaxed, safe and supported to learn at their own pace
  • that children feel connected and cared for
  • to recognise each child's uniqueness and strive to find meaningful ways to respond to their individual learning needs and interests
  • to role model inspiring examples of respect, empathy, compassion and gratitude, so as to support children to develop a strong sense of personal identity, integrity and social justice
  • to provide a program with a wide range of inclusive experiences that help children feel comfortable
  • to have strategies to respond to and appreciate diversity
  • to empower and motivate children to engage in sustainable living practices and to care about our environment through the care of our animals and plants
  • to provide the highest quality programs that are nurtured by the most accomplished educators
  • to promote children’s sense of curiosity and exploration to help them develop a lifelong love of learning - We don’t tell children ‘the answers’, we help them find them!
  • to foster a lifelong love of learning recognising play is the child’s work and that getting ready for school starts at birth
  • to support children to share knowledge as a way of increasing their own knowledge
  • to provide sensory rich and developmentally appropriate programs which will enhance all aspects of children's development
  • to actively support and encourage children to be self sufficient, independent and healthy
  • to develop children’s appreciation of the arts, music and movement
  • that our children will remember their friendships and experiences at Smartie Pants with fondness
For our team we aspire
  • for each educator to feel valued, happy and challenged
  • to foster a culture that is playful and fun
  • to support one another by understanding we are more than just colleagues who work together - We won’t let each other fall
  • to provide feedback that is always constructive and only given and received with love and respect
  • for our practices to be guided by social, ethical and professional values
  • to be a learning organisation, leading best practice in professional development
For our families we aspire
  • that all families feel welcome, supported and involved
  • to develop strong, collaborative and positive relationships
  • to provide effective support systems
For our community we aspire
  • to recognise and appreciate our heritage and the heritage of the traditional owners of our land through the raising and lowering of the Australian and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags
  • for our children to be future community leaders and super heroes
  • to both acknowledge and support the traditional owners of the lands and waters which we now use
  • to engage with leaders of all cultures and talents within our community and celebrate cultural celebrations within our curriculum
  • to actively give back to our community through fundraising
For our environment we aspire
  • to be a centre of excellence in sustainability
  • for the centre to feel warm, inviting and aesthetically beautiful
Proudly providing Child Care & Kindergarten to Diamond Creek, Greensborough, St. Helena, Eltham, Plenty and surrounds