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Phone: (03) 9438 3877
Fax: (03) 8677 2531
Address: 13-19 Old Diamond Creek Road, Diamond Creek 3089

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Our Phone System

Did you know that we receive between 30-40 incoming calls per day, most of these are from families checking up on their little one's day! Only having one line would cause congestion and waste a significant amount of time transferring parents between the rooms.

We addressed this using a VOIP phone system, which cost effectively allows up to 4 active lines to be in use at any one time. It also means you can call your room direct and depending on the number you call, if children and carers aren't in a room, it will 'hunt' them down at their most likely location by transferring to different phones until the line is answered and if carers are unable to answer a phone call for whatever reason, calls are always then transferred to a team leader's phone.

If the phone line is in use, a voicemail system allows you to leave a message and a carer will get back to you as soon as possible. Call waiting would be difficult to manage with several incoming calls concurrently after each other.

We sincerely hope that this system provides quality of service and prevents strain on our team during busy phone periods.

Please note that should you have any issues or problems with our system, please let us know so we can quickly fix and continuously improve this resource.


Smartie Pants is currently offering positions for:
  • Trainees only


Qualities we admire include:
    • a genuine desire to care for and work with very young children
    • a warm, friendly and open manner
    • sincerity and honesty whilst also being tactful and kind
    • a cooperative and caring nature
    • thoughtfulness and consideration of others
    • being full of energy and enthusiasm
    • an ability to manage stressful situations calmly and professionally
    • good communications skills (including verbal, written and computer skills)
Full time, part-time & casual hours available.

At Smartie Pants we aspire to create a very special environment, not only for our children and parents but also for our staff. We believe strongly in creating and maintaining an environment that is always respectful, professional and kind. We seek to attract and maintain excellence in our team by offering higher than award pay rates, a nurturing work environment, a compassionate and kind management team staff can lean on in times of personal strain, and active career management programs that include training, career progression planning & performance pay.

If you are interested in applying for any of the roles above...
MAIL: 13 Old Diamond Creek Road, Diamond Creek 3089
FAX: 03 8677 2531
Smartie Pants Child Care & Kindergarten - Diamond Creek, St. Helena, Eltham, Eltham North, Greensborough, Plenty and surrounds